Pedro Rosa Mendes

SSR Officer

Pedro Rosa Mendes is an SSR Officer at ISSAT, working mainly on Advisory Field Support and Knowledge mandates, and contributing as well to training products and activities. His focus is on methodology and new guidance in SSR. Pedro reported and researched for over two decades on human security issues, with an emphasis on conflict resources, war economies and transitional justice. His most recent publication is Business and Security Sector Reform: The Case for Corporate Security Responsibility (DCAF SSR Paper 13, November 2015).

Prior to joining ISSAT, Pedro consulted for different organisations, including ACEP, Deutsche Welle Akademie, EPLO, Global Witness and Medico International. He is also an award-winning author, with reportage, fiction and essays published in several languages.

Pedro Rosa Mendes holds a degree in law from the University of Coimbra, a master’s in history from the EHESS in Paris and a CAS in civilian peacebuilding from the University of Basel and Swisspeace. He is an associate researcher with the Centre for African, Asian and Latin American Studies/CeSA from the University of Lisbon.