Fundamentals of Strategic Advising in Reform Environments

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Navigation Instructions


  • Before you get started, we would like to share a few tips to help you navigate the course.
  • First, you will notice that you have been automatically put in Fullscreen mode so you can focus on the course content. You can click on the course title in the left menu or the "Home" button below to exit the course lesson. Your position will be saved so you can continue where you left off later.
  • Use the side menu to track your progress and jump to specific points in the course.
  • Scroll over the titles in the menu to reveal the structure of individual lessons.
  • You can also show or hide the side menu by clicking on the arrows.
  • To go to the next page, click on the "Next" button.
  • To go to the previous page, click on the "Previous" button.
  • If you would like to view your video in full-screen mode, select the button at the bottom right of the video screen.
  • Use the notes box to take personal notes about the current page in the course. You can review your notes in the "Personal Notes" tab of the course page. Your notes can be seen only by you and the course administrators.
  • Underlined terms such as Security Sector are glossary items and include a definition. Scroll over them or click on them to learn more about these terms.
  • Certificate: To print certificate once you have successfully completed the assessment, please go to course main page and click on “Results”.
  • Course narratives: To view and/ or print the course narrative for each lesson, please go to course main page and click on “Documents”.