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Reforming Security Sectors in Africa - Lessons from Burundi

Security sector reform (SSR) is increasingly put forward as a solution for a broad spectrum of African states facing security challenges. Yet, for a variety of reasons, there are relatively few examples of successful SSR implementation. Nicole Ball reflects on experiences from Burundi.

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Gendered Transitional Justice

Using the Better Peace Tool’s four-part framework to realize inclusion ​in peace processes, ​this​ animation explores the various components of Transitional Justice and offers five practical steps to ensure a gender sensitive and inclusive process.

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Gerson Velásquez - Gender Mainstreaming

Watch an interview with Police Commissioner Gerson Velásquez, recorded by ISSAT during a recent mandate in Honduras

Commissionner Gerson Velásquez mentions opportunities for integrating gender mainstreaming to security sector reform. He also comments on the difficulties facing change and insists on the need for the police to take a more specific approach in regards to gender issues.

The original video in Spanish is also available with French subtitles


Mission Zhobia: Winning the Peace

What if these professionals could ‘learn by doing’ in a safe environment where failure had no real-life consequences? Thanks to a new online game the idea is now a reality. Initiated by a consortium of key international peacebuilding institutions and developed by Rotterdam-based gaming company &Ranj, “Mission Zhobia: Winning the Peace” is a closed-world single-player videogame. Aimed at mid-career professionals who are or will be deployed to missions or projects linked to peacebuilding, the game allows the player to navigate through complex socio-political environments, adapt to unforeseen peacebuilding challenges and adjust their strategies accordingly.

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Refuge: Transforming a Broken Refugee System

At this event in which they talk about their new book, Paul Collier and Alexander Betts discuss how the world is facing its greatest refugee crisis since the Second World War, yet the institutions responding to it remain virtually unchanged from those created in the post-war era. As neighbouring countries continue to bear the brunt of the Syrian catastrophe, European governments have enacted a series of ill-considered gestures, from shutting their borders to welcoming refugees without a plan for their safe passage or integration upon arrival. With a deepening crisis and a xenophobic backlash in Europe, it is time for a new vision for refuge. 

Going beyond the scenes of desperation which have become all too familiar in the past few years, Paul Collier and Alexander Betts look to show that international policy-makers should be focussing on delivering humane, effective and sustainable outcomes – both for Europe and for countries that border conflict zones. Refugees need more than simply food, tents and blankets, and research demonstrates that they can offer tangible economic benefits to their adopted countries if given the right to work and education. 

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