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Putting Private Security Regulation into Practice: Sharing Good Practices on Procurement and Contracting 2015–2016

This study highlights good practices and clarifies the landscape of existing procurement and contracting systems in international organisations and states. The study: 1) summarises relevant existing instruments related to human rights-based procurement of private security companies; 2) outlines the essential stages of a procurement process, and; 3) shares good practices from selected case studies. Through this, the study aims to support the development and implementation of procurement and contracting policies based on international human rights standards.

For full access to the scoping study, Putting Private Security Regulation into Practice: Sharing Good Practices on Procurement and Contracting 2015–2016, kindly follow the link. 

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ILAC Rule of Law Assessment Report

This report details the findings of a team of experts from member organisations of the International Legal Assistance Consortium (ILAC) based on an assessment of justice sector institutions in Syria.

For full access to the report, ILAC Rule of Law Assessment Report, kindly follow the link. 

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International Crisis Group - Watch List 2017

Crisis Group’s Watch List 2017 includes the Lake Chad basin, Libya, Myanmar, Nagorno-Karabakh, Sahel, Somalia, Syria, Turkey, Venezuela and Yemen. This annual early-warning report identifies conflict situations in which prompt action by the European Union and its member states would generate stronger prospects for peace.

For full access to the report, Watch List 2017, kindly follow the link. 

For an update on the report, Watch List 2017 – First Update with entries on counter-terrorism, Afghanistan, Egypt, Somalia and the Western Balkans, kindly follow the link. 

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Soutien RSS allemand en pratique au Mali

L’engagement de l’Allemagne en soutien aux processus de la RSS dans des pays tiers est relativement nouveau et se base principalement sur des approches de formation et équipement. Les exemples ci-dessous du soutien de l’Allemagne à la RSS au Mali ne constituent pas tout à fait des programmes RSS tel qu’entendu par l’OCDE CAD. Toutefois, les activités ci-dessous représentent des exemples intéressants de bonne pratique à partager au sein de la communauté RSS. Ce papier traite des aspects de confiance, d’approche inclusive, et de coordination. 

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German SSR support in practice in Nigeria

This paper documents good practice evidence from German SSR activities in Nigeria. Major German involvement in support to SSR is relatively new, and has tended to focus on train and equip approaches. The examples of German support to SSR included here may not involve full-fledged reform processes, they may, however, provide an insight into some good practices from the ground that could be used as entry points for wider SSR engagement and strategic Security Sector Governance reform.

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