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Sécurité et justice. Le défi de l’algorithme

Ce colloque de l'Institut National des Hautes Etudes de la Sécurité et de la Justice se penche sur le lien entre Sécurité et Justice et sur la manière dont les forces de sécurité peuvent articuler les deux concepts en France. Les intervenants proposent une définition de la sécurité comme une relation de confiance entre Etats et population, et étudient plusieurs défis posés à l'exercice de la justice, tels que les questions de justice préventive de gouvernance du secteur, ou encore sur sa déclinaison dans un contexte opérationnel. L'ensemble du colloque, qui fait référence à la relation entre sécurité et justice comme un algorithme, vise à développer ces thèmes par une approche scientifique en faisant appel aux spécialistes français du domaine.

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Reforming Security Sectors in Africa - Lessons from Burundi

Security sector reform (SSR) is increasingly put forward as a solution for a broad spectrum of African states facing security challenges. Yet, for a variety of reasons, there are relatively few examples of successful SSR implementation. Nicole Ball reflects on experiences from Burundi.

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Gendered Transitional Justice

Using the Better Peace Tool’s four-part framework to realize inclusion ​in peace processes, ​this​ animation explores the various components of Transitional Justice and offers five practical steps to ensure a gender sensitive and inclusive process.

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Gerson Velásquez - Gender Mainstreaming

Watch an interview with Police Commissioner Gerson Velásquez, recorded by ISSAT during a recent mandate in Honduras

Commissionner Gerson Velásquez mentions opportunities for integrating gender mainstreaming to security sector reform. He also comments on the difficulties facing change and insists on the need for the police to take a more specific approach in regards to gender issues.

The original video in Spanish is also available with French subtitles


Mission Zhobia: Winning the Peace

What if these professionals could ‘learn by doing’ in a safe environment where failure had no real-life consequences? Thanks to a new online game the idea is now a reality. Initiated by a consortium of key international peacebuilding institutions and developed by Rotterdam-based gaming company &Ranj, “Mission Zhobia: Winning the Peace” is a closed-world single-player videogame. Aimed at mid-career professionals who are or will be deployed to missions or projects linked to peacebuilding, the game allows the player to navigate through complex socio-political environments, adapt to unforeseen peacebuilding challenges and adjust their strategies accordingly.

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