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Parliamentary oversight: Challenges and opportunities

This summit of Speakers of Parliament from across the world is a unique forum for dialogue and cooperation between parliaments at the highest level. The overall theme of the Conference will focus on peace, democracy, and development seen through the parliamentary lens. The Conference is part of the series of high-level meetings leading up to the UN Summit in late September 2015, at which the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will be launched.  The Conference is convened by the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in cooperation with the United Nations.

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Role of the Media in National Security & SSR: Lessons from Liberian Conflict

This video from the Africa Center for Strategic Studies discusses the challenges associated with media reporting in conflict environments.

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Stockholm Security Conference 2017: Secure Cities in an Insecure World

In the context of the Stockholm Security Conference 2017, this session on cities' responses to insecurity. It looks at the nexus between organized crime, violent extremism and its prevention, as well as state and police response. A keynote is delivered by Dan Eliasson, National Commissioner of the Swedish Police.

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Presentation at 3rd Annual Peacekeeping Africa Conference, Johannesburg, South Africa

Security Capacity Building (SCB) is the main vehicle of support to African Peace Support Operations Troop Contributing Countries (PSO TCC) whether through aid or the market place. Introducing the Governance element into the assistance to African PSO TCC can yield benefits. This implies:

  • including issues related to accountability (behavioural and performance related),
  • inclusiveness,
  • efficiency,
  • oversight,
  • management,
  • leadership,
  • legitimacy and
  • linkage into wider institution-building processes of the organisations of the partner countries in charge of training and deployment of troops, police and civilians to PSOs.

In this video, Thammy Evans, Deputy Head of ISSAT,  reflects on the Security Capacity Building and the Training of PSO personnel in SSR where she discusses training for peace support operations, the role of peacekeeping training centres, institution- and capacity building. The video was presented at the 3rd Annual Peacekeeping Africa Conference that took place in Johannesburg, South Africa on 29 - 30  August 2017.  

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Le conflit au Yémen comme matrice du terrorisme islamique

Si la montée en puissance de Daech depuis 2011 semblait corrélée d'un affaiblissement général d'Al-Qaïda, la branche yéménite du groupe terroriste, AQPA (Al-Qaïda dans la Péninsule Arabique) a su s'installer durablement dans le pays. Actuellement au Yémen, les djihadistes de Daech se comptent par centaines, ceux d'AQPA par milliers. David RIGOULET-ROZE, chercheur à l'IFAS (Institut Français d'Analyse Stratégique) et rédacteur en chef de la revue "Orients stratégiques" revient sur le développement d'Al-Qaïda au Yémen et décrypte les enjeux de contre-terrorisme dans la région.

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