Case Studies

ZPSP - Zimbabwe Peace and Security Programme

How to bring about change in contexts hostile to Security Sector Transformation (SST)? The Zimbabwe Peace and Security Programme (ZPSP) provides relevant contributions to this debate. As part of a knowledge-focused mandate, ISSAT collated a series of resources documenting the work of the Zimbabwe Peace and Security Programme (ZPSP), to produce this in-depth Case Study. These resources include videos, documents with good practice and lessons identified, and a comprehensive country profile on Zimbabwe.

View the Case Study on the Zimbabwe Peace and Security Programme.

Case Studies offer detailed examination of Security and Justice Sector Reform issues, as applied to context-specific conditions. These case studies focus both on outcomes resulting from ISSAT Mandates and projects, as well as research and investigations undertaken by a range of other organisations.

The majority of case studies are short, outlining context, entry points, lessons and further resources.