AU/REC Workshop

01/12/2016 - 17/12/2016

Target country


The aim of the workshop is to enhance institutional coordination in SSR support between the AU Commission and Regional Economic Communities and Regional Mechanisms through joint planning and review.

Mandating organisation / agency / department / ministry

Target organisation type(s)

Mandate outputs / products

  • Provide expertise and advice to the workshop organizers and facilitate the workshop deliberations to enable smooth process towards achieving the workshop objectives.
  • Identify areas of support that they could render to the REC/RMs to help them develop and/ or implement their SSR policy frameworks. 

Outcome objectives of mandate

  1. Provide a platform for technical level officers of RECs/RMs and AUC to jointly review and plan for SSR support to Member States based on comparative advantages and priority areas identified in the AU SSR Policy Frameworks and other instruments;
  2. Translate complementarities in the AUC Commission, regional economic communities and regional mechanisms into enhanced synergy in implementing SSR support to Member States;
  3. Give a long term perspective to institutional coordination in implementation of SSR support but also take a medium term focus for the next three-to-five years;
  4. Devise modalities for improving political level support for SSR in RECs/RMs and making SSR a priority in improving peace and security on the continent;
  5. Share experience and lessons from Joint Assessment Missions in various Member States, and feed such lessons where relevant into the planning and design of SSR support;
  6. Draw key lessons from the outcomes of the project Building African Union Capacities in Security Sector Reform (SSR): A Joint UN-EU Support Action in building RECs/RMs capacities
  7. Strengthen the building blocks of APSA by providing a model for regional cooperation between AU and RECs/RMs in supporting SSR in Member States. 

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Specific Lessons Identified