Reinforcing African Union SSR Unit support to national SSR processes (Madagascar)

AU, Ireland mandate in Madagascar 01/03/2017 - 31/05/2017

AU DSD has requested ISSAT support to strengthen the AU support to assist to national SSR processes, in this first instance, in Madagascar.

ISSAT will provide one advisor who will support the African Union Liaison Office (AULO), in assisting the Government of the Republic of Madagascar to maintain momentum in the implementation of the SSR strategic and operational plans. The advisor will be reinforced by backstopping from ISSAT main staff.

The first deployment will focus on the increase of insecurity caused by the Dahalo, and how the Government can better deal with the issue in a manner sensitive to the needs of the communities.

The focus of the subsequent two deployments will build on the findings from the first deployment and decided according to the needs identified in the first deployment.