Monday 27 June 2016 Session

27 June - 01 July 2016 · Brasserskade 227A, 2497 Den Haag, Netherlands

The main objective of the yearly Common Effort exercises is to develop and improve comprehensive thinking and working by learning from each other in direct interaction and exchanges of perspectives from a wide range of actors. Each year a complex, realistic situation is selected to exercise the comprehensive approach.

This year’s tasking is to perform a Joint Assessment along six assessment themes

(1) Protection of civilians assessment;
(2) Security Sector Reform assessment
(3) Good Governance assessment;
(4) Humanitarian assessment;
(5) Economic/Private Sector assessment;
(6) Strategic (/regional) assessment

The Joint Assessment is directed toward analysing and understanding the local conditions for stability, supplemented with regional factors.

ISSAT will co-facilitate the SSR theme.

Suggested pre-reading or preparation for this course include:

Copies of some of this material will be available during the exercise.

27 June - 01 July 2016 (4 days)
Brasserskade 227A, 2497 Den Haag, Netherlands (52.028706, 4.363267)

Thammy Evans


Thammy Evans focuses on liaison between the International Security Sector Advisory Team (ISSAT) and its Members to understand their priorities in security and justice sector reform and so harness the assets of all ISSAT's services to meet Members’ needs. Additionally, she assists in cultivating the growth and value of the Community of Practice. In-so-doing, she leads on the co-ordination of ISSAT's outreach and communication.  An SSR practitioner and advisor in her own right, notably in defence reform and governance, where she focuses on the military contribution to security and justice sector reform, she is also one of ISSAT's trainers, and she contributes to the development of operational tools and guidance ensuring their fit and integration into a coherent and holistic methodology.

Prior to joining ISSAT, Thammy was Political Advisor to the Senior Military Representative of NATO HQ Skopje as the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia undertook deep reforms to join NATO and the EU. She has served as an officer in the British Army and worked for the UK Ministry of Defence on the Balkans desk. Her early career provided a foundation in public relations and international qualitative market research in the private and public sector, as well as business development harnessing systems thinking and resource efficiency.

A graduate in Chinese and German Studies from the University of Leeds, UK, she holds a Master’s of Science in Conflict Studies from the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva. She has a certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership from the UK's Chartered Management Institute, and has authored on China, the Balkans, SSR, and resource efficiency.