The International Security Sector Advisory Team (ISSAT)

The International Security Sector Advisory Team (ISSAT) was officially created within DCAF – the Centre for Security Sector Governance on 8 February 2008. It is one of DCAF’s four departments and forms part of the multi-dimensional approach that DCAF has supporting Security Sector Governance. 


ISSAT does not directly implement SSR programmes, it reinforces its members in their efforts to support security and justice reform. Our service lines are designed to reinforce members in a number of ways. 


ISSAT brings together 16 bilateral donors and a range of multilateral and regional actors active in supporting SSR processes, providing assistance with assessments, evaluations, knowledge and learning, as well as facilitating greater coordination and shared approaches


The ISSAT team brings together a diverse array of experience in security and justice reform, international development and programme management. The delivery of ISSAT's core products and services is led by its staff of SSR Advisors and a roster of SSR Associates who bring years of practical experience working on SSR issues around the globe.


Explore the various ISSAT SSR Support Mandates that have been conducted around the world


DCAF is an international foundation established in 2000 on the initiative of the Swiss Confederation, as the 'Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces'. In May 2019, DCAF was officially renamed DCAF- Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance. DCAF contributes to enhancing security sector governance (SSG) through security sector reform (SSR).


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