DCAF - Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance

ISSAT a Department of DCAF - Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance. 

ISSAT sits alongside DCAF’s Operations Department, which leads on supporting national actors through the implementation of programmes, as well as DCAF’s Policy and Research Department, which leads on DCAF’s contribution to the international policy agenda for SSG/R, as well as encompassing specialised capacities in Gender and Security, and Business and Security. The Resources Department completes the overarching DCAF structure in which ISSAT sits. As such, ISSAT sits as part of a comprehensive DCAF toolbox for supporting SSG/R.

ISSAT’s Governing Board is a sub-set of the DCAF Foundation Council.

For more on DCAF and its other Departments, please visit: www.dcaf.ch  

ISSAT Annual Reports

Since 2018, ISSAT has not produced a separate annual report, and references to ISSAT’s work can be found in the latest DCAF annual report/performance report. Core group members who contribute to the ISSAT pooled fund still get a comprehensive report in line with contractual obligations.

Former ISSAT Annual Reports: 

ISSAT 2017 Annual Report

ISSAT 2016 Annual Report

ISSAT 2015 Annual Report

ISSAT 2014 Annual Report 

ISSAT 2013 Annual Report 

ISSAT 2012 Annual Report