Training and Capacity Development

ISSAT supports the conduct of training as a core instrument to develop capacity and awareness on security and justice reform for personnel in the field and at headquarters. 

Introductory security and justice reform training

Through its practical and exercise-based collaborative learning methodology, this course provides participants with a solid introduction to the concept, policy framework and international good practice of security and justice reform. The course provides an overview of the various dimensions of security and justice reform and emphasises the importance of adopting a holistic and context-specific approach when working in transitional, fragile and/or post-conflict contexts. Introductory trainings are provided in English, French and Spanish. Average course duration is 3 days. The course provides the necessary foundations for subsequent trainings.

Advanced security and justice reform training

This advanced course is designed for policymakers and practitioners who are working in the field of security and justice reform to enhance the skills, capacity and strategic thinking of participants on SSR principles through an in-depth focus on the major modules of security and of justice, as well as governance and effective advising. Through the use of a wide variety of exercises, case studies and role plays, this intensive course helps participants understand challenges and trends related to security and justice reform and their roles in supporting such programmes. It also encourages participants to develop possible solutions to common obstacles. The course relies heavily on the sharing and exchange of knowledge and experiences among and between facilitators and participants. Level 2 trainings are provided in English and French. Average course duration is 5 days.


ISSAT has launched a number of online e-learning courses: An Introduction to SSR course, based on the Level 1 security and justice reform training (available in English, French, Spanish and Arabic), a specialised e-learning course on The Fundamentals of Strategic Advising in Reform Environments (available in English) and an online course on Policing and Police Reform in complex environments. These courses, in addition to DCAF’s Police Integrity e-learning course (available in English, Albanian, Macedonian and Serbian), are freely available on-line, and new courses are currently under consideration.

Specialised training

ISSAT provides support in the design and/ or delivery of specialised training as part of pre-deployment or in mission training.  For example, ISSAT provides support to Peace Support Operations (PSO) training centres and police or military academies for integrating security and justice reform modules within their broader training programmes. ISSAT also supports the Senior Strategic Advisors' Masterclass on Police Reform in an International Context. The course is an international consortium initiative (Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Norway and UK) to help experienced senior police personnel to develop the skills and competencies required for their future roles as international police advisors.

Support to training development

In addition to providing its own training courses, ISSAT also supports training institutions within member or partner countries/ organisations to develop their own security and justice training. National/ regional peacekeeping training centres are a primary focus. Support is provided either directly—as is the case for ISSAT’s assistance to the Bangladesh Institute of Peace Support Operation Training—to develop their curricula, or indirectly, through the provision of training materials and advice. Current training material includes ISSAT’s SSR in a Nutshell training manual, which is available in English, French, Spanish and Arabic, a trainers’ manual (English only) and a variety of exercises and case studies.