Bernard Bélondrade

Senior SSR Advisor

Bgen Bernard Bélondrade is a Senior SSR Advisor seconded by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and is essentially in charge of strengthening the links between France and ISSAT, as far as SSR is concerned. He also devotes himself in putting his personal experience of gendarmerie policing at the disposal of ISSAT. 

Bernard served 37 years in the French Gendarmerie; he ended his military career in the rank of Brigadier General as reserve advisor of the Gendarmerie Director. Throughout his career he was in charge of different field  police responsibilities, along with the command of the South Indian Ocean Gendarmerie’ s forces in the Reunion. He also held several Staff Officer positions in Paris, in the General Direction of Gendarmerie, principally in the human resources field. His last post in the area was one of Training and Recruitment Sub-Director. 

Bgen Bernard Bélondrade is also experienced in international affairs. As a Gendarmerie Attaché in the French Embassy in Buenos Aires, he was acting in parallel in Argentina and Chile. From the Reunion, Bernard was developing a technical and advisory relationship with the Malagasy Gendarmerie and the Mauritius National Police Force.