Elsa Dazin

SSR Advisor and Head of Outreach and Knowledge Services

Elsa Dazin is an SSR Advisor at ISSAT, undertaking activities related to Advisory Field Support, training, gender mainstreaming, knowledge management and the development of operational tools in the area of SSR programme design, assessment and monitoring and evaluation. 

Elsa comes from a gender mainstreaming, peacebuilding and conflict prevention background. Previously working as Gender Expert with UNDP’s Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery, she was responsible for carrying out operational and strategic gender mainstreaming into the UN system’s crisis prevention programmatic portfolio. This included, strategy design and programme development, as well as, continuous capacity development of UN staff and local stakeholders. Elsa has also worked with UNDP’s Arab Regional Centre as a Research Analyst on issues relating to gender, nation-building, poverty-reduction.  She was in charge of capacity development in those areas for UNDP country offices, in addition to backstopping the team leaders in the areas of communication and partnership building. 

Previously, Elsa was a Chargée de Mission, with the French Ministry of Finance’s economic mission to Vietnam (ADETEF). Elsa speaks fluent French, Arabic and English. A graduate in Political and Administrative Sciences, Elsa has a Master's degree in Development Studies delivered by the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Bordeaux.