Valentin Wagee

Project Assistant

Valentin Wagee is a Project Assistant working with ISSAT’s Advisory Field Support Services. He has been particularly involved in a project from the European Emergency Trust Fund for Africa related to the Sahel region and spent five months in the Gambia to conduct a survey of the Security Sector.

Prior to joining DCAF-ISSAT, he had worked in support of the military cooperation mission of the French Embassy in Tunisia and Libya.

Valentin holds a Master’s Degree in Strategy, Intelligence and Risk Management from the Institute of Political Studies of Lille. Part of his coursework was spent in Athens, as a student first and then as part of the Diplomatic Chancery of the French Embassy and the Greek Council for Refugees, where he grew a strong interest for migration issues. Valentin is fluent in French and English, has good knowledge of German and Greek, and is currently learning dialectal Arabic.    

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