DCAF-ISSAT has developed a series of online courses that are available to professionals currently working on, or interested in, Security Sector Reform and/or related topics in the areas of security, defence, police, justice, conflict management and peace support operations. All courses include additional resource materials such as policy papers and documents, videos, podcasts and/or simulations aimed at providing participants with practical knowledge on the subject. Participants will receive a certificate upon successful completion of each course. For other E-Learnings of DCAF, please follow the link here.

This introductory course provides participants with an understanding and overview of SSG/R, its key principles, actors and contexts within which SSG/R takes place. Drawing on insights from experienced practitioners and practical examples, the course introduces participants to both political and technical aspects of SSG/R and outlines what is meant by a people-centered and holistic approach. 

Target audience: people involved in advising on and programming in SSG/R.

Duration: 3-4 hours

Language: English (the course is also available in French)

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