Fundamentals of Strategic Advising in Reform Environments

Step 10 of 10: Assessment and Evaluation
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Please rate the following statements:

Overall, the course met my expectations: Agree

Information presented in this course was new to me: Agree

I found the course material useful: Agree

I am likely to use the information acquired in this course in my current/ future job : Agree

The information provided in the course was sufficient: Agree

I will recommend this course to colleagues: Agree

The introductory tutorial at the beginning of the course helped me to find my way around in the virtual learning environment: Agree

The overall navigability of the course is user friendly: Agree

Please describe any technical difficulties that you may have encountered when accessing the virtual learning environment.

I could not fill out the first two screens of the course evaluation. it was pre-filled. The assessment was also completed. I had to press take it again to clear it. I completed it and received a 93% mark.

Which parts of the course do you believe will be the most valuable? Please explain:

How to deal with corruption and processes that may make you feel uncomfortable

Which parts of the course do you believe will be the least valuable? Please explain:

All of the material is relevant

Overall, how would you rate this course?

Extremely useful

On average, how many hours did you dedicate to the course in total?

Between 4 and 6 hours

Please use this space to provide additional suggestions for improvement.

Fix glitch mentioned above

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