Externally defined set of norms and values v. international law norms and standards

16/01/2015 @ 17:14
by Anastasia Frolova

Dear Participants and Colleagues,

Upon the completion of the course I would like to bring to your attention (and, hopefully to provoke a fruitful and interesting discussion) the problem of making local counterparts accept externally-defined set of norms or values (which, to my understanding, is discouraged in the course). Can international law (including international humanitarian law and international human rights law norms and the respective values) be considered as "externally defined" rules and standards? What an advisor should do if, for example, local counterparts refuse to accept such universally established values as right to life or freedom from torture and to implement them? Of course it does not mean that the advisor should take the lead contrary to the local authorities' will, but I would be interested to hear your opinion on how far can the compromise go.
Thank you in advance for your responses,

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