Fundamentals of Strategic Advising in Reform Environments

Step 3 of 10: Introductory Lesson - Contextualising Advising
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Primary Reading (Introductory Lesson): Contextualising Advising

The first reading assignment for this course is a publication produced by Prism magazine and co-authored by USIP Senior Program Officer Nadia Gerspacher: "Lessons from MoDA: Continuing the Conversation on How to Advise Institution-Building."

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Building upon lessons learned from the Mininstry of Defense Advisors Program in Afghanistan (MoDA), this article focuses on key issues faced by advisors, including working with counterparts. Gerspacher and Shtuni illustrate the contribution that advising makes to capacity building and offer overall recommendations on how to successfully achieve a capacity building mission.

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"A better understanding of existing dynamics and the context of operations would enable advisors to work more effectively with their local counterparts and help them manage expectations."

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