Fundamentals of Strategic Advising in Reform Environments

Step 3 of 10: Introductory Lesson - Contextualising Advising
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Recommended Reading: Advisors? Mentors? Trainers?

"Building trust requires honesty and openness; it takes time, energy, persistence and patience and a selfless approach to relationship building. It is generated by good personal chemistry and professional mutual respect. Without trust effective advice cannot be generated, delivered or received with any confidence. Trust is a pre-requisite for good advice."

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This short reading published by the DCAF team in 2010 distinguishes the particular role of the advisor. The work of effective advisors, it concludes, is rooted in a passion for sustainable security, justice, and development, resulting in the ability to build trust and confidence, finally leading to influence. While this piece focuses on security and justice reform, it is applicable to advising across many other sectors.

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