Fundamentals of Strategic Advising in Reform Environments

Step 7 of 10: Lesson Four - Functioning in a Complex Environment
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Recommended Reading: Approaching Coordination Strategically

Recommended Reading

Campbell, Susanna P. and Hartnett, Michael (2005, October 31). "A Framework for Improved Coordination." Report presented to the Interagency Transformation, Education, and After Action Review (ITEA) Program.

The recommended reading above will help you understand another approach to coordination of reform efforts. Working from experience, the authors of this report present a framework for the coordination of development efforts in transitioning countries. These ideas on avoiding duplication and collaboration should prove highly useful to your advising mission, whether you are directing coordination or under the direction of others.

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"In these complex interventions [in post-conflict environments], coordination helps to knit the different pieces together, and is crucial for the smooth functioning of the larger multifaceted approach."

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