Fundamentals of Strategic Advising in Reform Environments

Step 4 of 10: Lesson One - The Role of an Advisor
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Primary reading (Lesson 1): The Role of an Advisor

The reading assignment for this lesson is a chapter from a book: "Advice for advisors: suggestions and observations from Lawrence to the present", edited by Robert D.Ramsey III. In particular chapter 11 is interesting: "The Role of the American Advisor", by Major O. Kent Strader.

The book includes fourteen essays on military advising, written by military advisors. It focuses on a wide range of situations and experiences.

In chapter 11, Major Strader writes about his experience as an advisor to the Saudi National Guard. Based on this, he identifies 20 principles on effective advising. He includes various aspects of the advisor profile, including mediation skills.

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The attitude of the advisor will live long after he or she departs the country.

Major O. Kent Strader (2006)

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