Fundamentals of Strategic Advising in Reform Environments

Step 4 of 10: Lesson One - The Role of an Advisor
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Recommended Reading: Key Attributes for an Effective Advisor

An interesting article on the importance of listening: Viewpoint: Could one man have shortened the Vietnam War? BBC News Magazine, 8 July 2013. This article is  based on an edited transcript of Malcolm Gladwell: "Listening in Vietnam" on BBC Radio 4.

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Konrad Kellen was an unknown defence analyst who might have changed the course of the Vietnam War if only people had listened to him, argues Malcolm Gladwell. This article highlights the importance of listening and how listening could have changed things.

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UN Guidance for Effective Mediation 

The guidance on mediation provides relevant concepts and tools that can add to the palette of expertise of a good advisor in volatile settings. Mediation skills are an important feature of a good advisor, even if mediation is not the key role.

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