Fundamentals of Strategic Advising in Reform Environments

Step 5 of 10: Lesson Two - Working with Local Actors
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Recommended Readings: Local Ownership

Bendix, Daniel, Stanley, Ruth (2008). "Deconstructing Local Ownership of Security Sector Reform: A Review of the Literature." African Security Review, Vol. 17(2), pp.1-12.

This recommended reading offers a comprehensive introduction to the field of local ownership in security sector reform.

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"No Ownership, No Commitment: A Guide to Local Ownership of Security Sector Reform", Laurie Nathan (2007)

The aim of this book is to contribute to operationalising the donors’ policy commitment to local ownership of SSR. The emphasis is on political and practical guidance to donors and other external actors rather than on analytical depth or a comprehensive review of SSR. The book includes planning and diagnostic tools that could be used by external actors supporting SSR as well as by local actors engaged in security reform. The tools and recommendations are based on the country case studies in this volume and experiences as an SSR and conflict resolution practitioner.

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