Fundamentals of Strategic Advising in Reform Environments

Step 8 of 10: Simulation: The Art of Advising
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Dominic Kiraly & Fraser Hore

Simulation Design

Dr. Peter Weinberger

Content Expert

Dr. Nadia Gerspacher

Graphic Design and Technical Programming

Manuel Leon & Daniel Szczepanski

Storyboard & Script

Dr. Nadia Gerspacher, Dr. Peter Weinberger & Eleanor Pavey 

Music Composition

Blake Mobley


Bill Fitzpatrick


Attaullah Nasib, Dr. Nadia Gerspacher, Celena Candade & Muhammad Ali

Voice Talent

Dr. Peter Weinberger, Debbie Liang-Fenton & Dr. Tobias Koepf

Multimedia & Technical Programming

Dominic Kiray & Fraser Hore

Special thanks to: Teohna Williams, Petra van Oijen, Thammy Evans, Vanessa Stitzel, Morgan Easter, Smruthi Rammohan, Carl Gahnberg, Tshepo Gwatiwa and the rest of the DCAF/ISSAT team.

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