Marcela Donadio

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Women in the armed and police forces - Resolution 1325 and peace operations in Latin America

In the year 2000, the Security Council passed Resolution 1325, which stresses the relevant need to integrate women into the maintenance and promotion of international peace and security, and which has led the United Nations to issue frequent reports and initiatives in that regard. The goal of this book is to contribute its development, especially on the eve of its tenth anniversary.
In Latin America, the practical development of Resolution 1325 faces diverse challenges as the region has given relevance to its participation in peace operations and is currently looking forward fostering institutional capabilities which could allow it to address present needs and integrate new trends. The book shows these facts through researching women integration in the defence and security sphere and their contribution to peace operations in the region. The first part deals with the gender perspective in the current conflicts and developments of international security. The second part includes a comparative analysis on the female integration of the armed forces, the police and national contributions to United Nations peace operations.


Engendering peacekeeping. The cases of Haiti and Democratic Republic of Congo. A gender and security analysis from a Latin American perspective.

The publication is the result of extensive fieldwork carried out in both countries and the peace missions present there (MINUSTAH and MONUSCO), within the framework of RESDAL's gender and peace operations program, which receives the support of the Norwegian Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

This publication focuses upon the question of how peace operations can promote the development of a gender perspective within societies that find themselves in a state of conflict and transition, a question that has become an operational necessity for peace missions. The book presents, through Latin American eyes, the complex realities involved on the ground.


The Women, Peace and Security Agenda in the Year of Its Review: Integrating Resolution 1325 Into the Military and Police

Published by the Latin America Security and Defence Network (RESDAL), this report examines the integration of Resolution 1325 by assessing three UN missions: MINUSTAH (Haiti), MONUSCO (Democratic Republic of the Congo) and UNIFIL (Lebanon). Namely, the following questions are addressed:

  • Fifteen years after Resolution 1325 was adopted, to what extent has it been integrated into peacekeeping operations?
  • What approach has been developed for the military component? 
  • What achievements and pending challenges have been found in the implementation of this Resolution in the area of military and police tasks? 
  • What role does the approach on women, peace and security have in the peacekeeping review process? 

You can access the report here.