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Spies, Kettling and Repression - How British Policing Became Militarised

In the UK, there has been a move towards tougher legislation, ambiguous terminology, lower thresholds and legislation allowing police greater rights, together with an escalation of militaristic forms of policing in recent years.

To read the full article, Spies, Kettling and Repression - How British Policing Became Militarised, kindly follow the link provided.

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The Paris Peace Forum—What’s Not to Like?

At a time when multilateral and rules-based international cooperation is under intense pressure from growing nationalism and political short-sightedness, the Paris Peace Forum (held November 2018) came as a welcome attempt at countering the zeitgeist and galvanizing new faith in the idea that “international cooperation is key to tackling global challenges and ensuring durable peace.”

To read the full article summarizing one researcher's take-aways from the forum, kindly follow the link provided.

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Research has Found Over 300 Active SSG Programmes Currently Active in Ukraine

A recent DCAF blog discusses the array of internationally and nationally-funded assistance and development programmes in Ukraine, and how a growing subset is focusing on governance issues, in particular related to the rule of law, security sector governance (SSG) and democratic oversight.

To read the full blog post, please follow the link.

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Monitoring ISSAT’s Commitment to Gender Equality - Pilot Report 2017

In 2018, ISSAT initiated a pilot case-study to demonstrate its commitment to gender equality during the 2017 reporting cycle. The purpose of the pilot report and the case study is to develop a model for internal monitoring of ISSAT’s gender-sensitive approach that would enable senior management to quality control our commitment to gender equality as well as select the most emblematic case studies for internal learning, public dissemination and reporting.

For ISSAT's report on Gender and SSR 2016, kindly follow the link. 

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Gender and Violent Extremism I Conference Report

In recent years, Kenya has seen an increasing interest in understanding the participation of women in violent extremist activity. This report summarises the proceedings of a research seminar jointly hosted by RUSI and the French Institute for Research in Africa that investigated women's involvement with violent extremist organisations and the gendered impact of violent extremism.

For full access to the conference report, Gender and Violent Extremism, kindly follow the link. 

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