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Integrating Preventive Stress Management into SSR Processes

For soldiers to be able to limit their own potential for violence to the necessary level when under extreme strain, psychological stability and, to use the Bundeswehr’s term, "mental fitness" are indispensable. This article argues that the Federal Government’s SSR strategy should incorporate capacity building for preventive stress management.

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DCAF Factsheet: Increasing Security Sector Accountability in Mali

In the aftermath of the 2012 crisis in Mali, Security Sector Reform (SSR) emerged as both a vehicle for and a precondition of post-conflict recovery and reconstruction, crucial not only to the immediate survival of the State but also to sustain long-term peace in the country and in the Sahel. DCAF, working in Mali since 2009, has been particularly involved in providing strategic and technical support to the SSR process in the context of the 2015 Algiers peace agreement. DCAF’s programme “Enhancing Security Sector Governance in Mali, 2017- 2020” seeks to support Malian stakeholders in creating democratically governed, effective and accountable security institutions as a foundation for sustainable peace and development.

Download the factsheet below to find more on DCAF's engagement in Mali. 

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Justice and Corrections Standing Capacity (JCSC) Newsletter 2018

In 2018 JCSC focused on supporting existing United Nations peace operations according to its mandate. Assistance from JCSC was in particular demand to advance rule of law transition planning, implementation and lessons learned studies in Darfur, Haiti and Liberia. JCSC also provided specific expertise in substantive areas, such as the investigation and prosecution of destabilizing crimes in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Mali; anti-corruption in Afghanistan; and prison security, with a specific focus on prison intelligence and information in the DRC. 

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Spies, Kettling and Repression - How British Policing Became Militarised

In the UK, there has been a move towards tougher legislation, ambiguous terminology, lower thresholds and legislation allowing police greater rights, together with an escalation of militaristic forms of policing in recent years.

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The Paris Peace Forum—What’s Not to Like?

At a time when multilateral and rules-based international cooperation is under intense pressure from growing nationalism and political short-sightedness, the Paris Peace Forum (held November 2018) came as a welcome attempt at countering the zeitgeist and galvanizing new faith in the idea that “international cooperation is key to tackling global challenges and ensuring durable peace.”

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