ISSAT 2015 Annual Report

ISSAT Annual Report Screenshot

From the introduction:

The unprecedented number of high profile mandates, activities, and events that ISSAT has been asked to support in 2015 reaffirms that ISSAT is a well-established and an important contributor to SSR policy discourse, supporting bilateral and multilateral SSR programmes, and collating emerging good practice. Equally, the escalating global security and humanitarian crises, which impacted virtually every region and country and have been at the forefront of the international development and security agendas, further reaffirms that the work of ISSAT is well aligned to the contemporary priority needs of the wider international community.


  • Introduction by the Governing Board Chair
  • Supporting Policy Dialogue
  • Supporting Coordination: Forging Partnerships
  • Filling a Growing Demand for Capacity Building
  • Backstopping and Advisory Support
  • Consolidating Knowledge: Refocusing on What Works
  • Top 10 Lessons Identified from ISSAT Mandates
  • Trends and Challenges
  • Capacity and Human Resources
  • Performance
  • Financial Report
  • Overview of Mandates


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