The independent review of United Nations support to security sector reform in peace operations, 2014–2020 was commissioned as a concrete step towards implementing Security Council resolution 2553, which “Reiterates the importance of sharing experiences, best practices and lessons learned, knowledge and expertise on security sector reform among Members States, and regional and subregional organizations, expert institutions including academia and research organizations”.

The report offers an independent review of the extent to which the impressive development of Security Sector Reform (SSR) policy at the United Nations over the past 15 years has shaped SSR interventions supported by peacekeeping operations. 

The independent review team, of which DCAF's International Security Sector Advisory Team was part of, offers five strategic recommendations to improve the SSR practices of United Nations field missions. These are based on an extensive desk review of internal and publicly available documents describing United Nations support to SSR in United Nations Headquarters (UNHQ) and mission contexts; as well as over 131 interviews with senior leaders and key stakeholders across most peace operations currently implementing an SSR mandate, several United Nations entities at UNHQ level, critical multilateral and bilateral partners, as well as host country representatives. The recommendations are summarized in the figure below.

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