Towards a new civilian CSDP Compact - Spotlight: Viola Csordas

As part of the series 'Towards a new civilian CSDP Compact', SIPRI interviewed Viola Csordas, Security Sector Reform (SSR) Advisor, International Security Sector Advisory Team (ISSAT), Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance (DCAF). Here, she speaks about the key challenges for civilian crisis management, what she would like to see happen and why the European Union should remain engaged. The interview was conducted during a workshop in Stockholm in March 2022 on the new civilian CSDP Compact. The workshop and this video series are part of a wider research project on the implementation of the civilian CSDP Compact, which was established in 2018, and the development of a follow-up initiative (a new civilian CSDP Compact) that is supposed to be finalized by mid 2023. The series gives a voice to key stakeholders in the field, working towards a mutual understanding of the complexity of the challenges affecting civilian crisis management today and the efforts to strengthen the civilian CSDP beyond 2023.



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