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Training Manual on Police Integrity


DCAF's Training Manual on Police Integrity aims to assist ministries of interior, police services and training institutions in developing their capacities to deliver integrity training to their staff. It also provides guidance on how to build and sustain organisational integrity through effective planning and management of human resources and reform processes.

The manual includes nine modules and three chapters:

  1. Understanding Integrity
  2. Democratic Policing and Integrity
  3. Values and Attitudes of Police Officers
  4. Police integrity legal and regulatory framework
  5. Police misconduct
  6. Peer control and reporting of misconduct
  7. Police accountability
  8. Gender equality, non-discrimination and police integrity
  9. Police ethical dilemmas
  10. Adult Learning – Guidelines for facilitators
  11. Human Resources Management & Integrity
  12. Integrity Planning and Reform

This manual is a knowledge product from DCAF’s Police Integrity Building Programme (PIBP).

It is available in English, Albanian, Macedonian and Serbian. 

For full access to DCAF's Training Manual on Police Integrity, kindly follow the link.



Working with Local Counterparts

In this video, Paulo Costa, an experienced Police advisor, shares his insights on the importance of developing a good rapport with a foreign colleague.  Taking time to develop a personal relationship before getting down to business, may make your task much easier.


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Police Integrity Building Programme (PIBP) Factsheet

DCAF's Police Integrity Building Programme aims to provide guidance to a broad range of actors; government officials, decision makers, senior/mid-level police leaders, oversight authorities and citizens, on how to develop and sustain police services that function in line with the democratic standards of accountability, transparency and respect for human rights. 

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This document is a presentation about DCAF's Police Integrity Building Programme, which touches upon certain aspects of the programme, such as the Training Manual, the Toolkit and the E-Learnings.

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