Roland Freidrich


Media Toolkit for Trainers (Tool 2) : The Media and Security Sector Governance

Journalists and other members of the media often acknowledge the importance of strengthening their role in security sector governance. However, many media practitioners still face various obstacles and tend to encounter special challenges when reporting on security-related topics.

As a partial response to the challenges faced by journalists and other members of the media, the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF) has produced this toolkit for trainers. While the toolkit has been developed in the Arab region and provides practical examples from this region, it has been designed to be used by media trainers in any region of the world.

Tool 2 aims to give participants a working knowledge of what the security sector and what security sector governance (SSG) are.

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Entry-points to Palestinian security sector reform

Security sector reform is at the top of the Palestinian reform agenda. Palestinians want effective and accountable security forces that respond to their security needs. For them, security sector reform is also necessary to advance Palestinian state-building. However, many political organizations and socio-economic challenges make change slow and difficult. Donors sometimes seek to influence the reform process in a direction that serves their own interests and overlooks Palestinian needs. This book gives a voice to the Palestinians, the intended beneficiaries of security sector reform. Palestinian security experts and practitioners propose concrete changes in the legal framework, the structure of the security forces, the mechanisms for oversight and accountability, and the management of armed groups. By highlighting various entry-points for security sector reform, this collection of Palestinian perspectives is a contribution to a better understanding of Palestinian needs and of the dire