Guide to Rule of Law Country Analysis

This guide, published by USAID’s Office of Democracy and Governance, is aimed at USAID democracy and governance (DG) officers and other USAID staff who are developing strategies to address weak or inadequate justice systems. It provides a conceptual framework for analysing challenges to the rule of law, as well as guidelines for conducting a justice sector assessment and for designing and prioritising program interventions.

The document outlines a four-step framework for assessing the justice sector:

1. A broad look at the political and historical context as it affects the rule of law;
2. An analysis of the roles of major players who affect the rule of law and political will;
3. Examination of the programme options beyond the justice sector;
4. An in depth examination of the justice system itself exploring order and security, legitimacy, checks and balances, fairness and effective application.

Appendix A includes a series of illustrative assessment questions which can be used in the institutional assessment of the justice sector.