Conflict Analysis for Prevention and Peacebuilding ONLINE, tutored course

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Participants will be given access to the course on 4 November 2013. All course work will have to be completed by 6 December 2013.

The goal of this online tutored course is to build practical conflict analysis skills for professionals working in contexts of deteriorating human security, armed conflict, political crisis and other threats to peace. This individual self-paced course is delivered in English and is developed around a blended formula whereby participants are required to advance and complete different topics and sessions. This course complements existing UNSSC initiatives on conflict analysis, conflict prevention, peacebuilding and strategic planning in post-crisis scenarios. This online course provides basic technical and analytical skills and is a learning activity that complements but does not replace the face-to-face course held in Turin (“Applied Conflict Analysis for Prevention and Peacebuilding course”).

Enrollment date: Tue, 01/01/2013 - Sun, 20/10/2013

Content and learning objectives 
The course is developed in 12 sessions to be completed sequentially. Click here to download the detailed course contents. The learning objectives of the course are:

  • To provide the necessary conflict analysis tools to deal with challenges that are recurrent in turbulent regions, crisis countries and post-conflict settings;
  • To provide a broad conceptual understanding of both theoretical and operational aspects of conflict prevention and peacebuilding;
  • To provide practical skills to identify priorities and determine effective program sequencing in volatile and post-conflict areas.

 Course delivery method This course is delivered entirely online in asynchronous mode. It combines bilateral tutoring with self-paced components. Participants are primarily responsible for their own learning. The format does not allow for live interaction among participants. Live online sessions with the tutor are conducted individually by phone or through VoIP platforms, such as Skype. No special software is required; participants only need internet connection and headset with microphone to participate.

The tutor: Rob Watson
For the past 26 years Mr. Watson has worked in the fields of conflict management and human rights, as a trainer, manager and  consultant. After working with human rights groups in South Africa for eleven years, in 1995 he relocated to London and established Frontier Consulting to undertake consultancies as an expert with governments, donors, international agencies and NGOs in, Africa, Asia and Europe. For two years he worked as Regional Peacebuilding Advisor at CRS in Indonesia and other countries in South East Asia. Since July 2003 Mr. Watson has worked as an Expert Consultant with the EU, UNDP, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and various Dutch institutions. In 2006 he worked for a year in Finland during the EU Presidency as Director of the Conflict Prevention and Crisis Management programme for the Crisis Management Initiative. Mr. Watson is a UNSSC Certified Trainer on Conflict Prevention Analysis for Action.

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