Introduction to Peace Operations

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Target Audience

Students, researchers, academics and individuals from governmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as national and regional military and police personnel


11 Sep - 09 Oct 2013

The goal of this course is to review the organization of peacekeeping operations by providing an overview of the framework in which they are developed, studying their overall structure, and discussing the roles and responsibilities of the different actors involved.

The course is composed of four modules that will be covered over four weeks. The workload of the course has been adapted to a target audience that mainly consists of working professionals. On average, the course requires 6 hours of study time per week, though this might vary by module and participant.The course is composed of four modules, with each module taking one week:

  • Module 1: Overview of a UN peacekeeping operation
  • Module 2: Establishment and functioning of a UN peace operation
  • Module 3: Effective mandate implementation
  • Module 4: Standards and values of UN peacekeepers

Deadline for registration: 4 September 2013

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