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Transitional Justice and Displacement

Transitional justice is often pursued in contexts where people have been forced from their homes and communities by human rights violations and have suffered additional abuses while displaced. Yet little attention has been paid to how transitional justice measures can be used to address the wide range of injustices associated with displacement and thereby serve as part of a comprehensive approach to the resolution of displacement. This report provides an overview of the relationship between transitional justice and displacement and offers specific guidance to policymakers and practitioners in the numerous fields that share a concern with displacement, including transitional justice, humanitarianism, peacebuilding, and development. Displaced persons often have a critical stake in transitional justice processes, which have the potential to contribute positively to efforts to uphold their rights and well-being. When displacement is linked to large-scale human rights violations, the concerns of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) should be incorporated in appropriate ways into transitional justice efforts. At the same time, responses to the problem of displacement should integrate transitional justice measures.


UNDPKO SSR Newsletter No. 15, July-September 2012

The SSR Newsletter provides an update on recent activities of the SSR Unit, gives an overview of upcoming initiatives and shares relevant information and announcements with the greater SSR community.
 In this issue:

  • The Fifth Inter- Agency Senior SSR Practitioners Workshop
  • SSR Chiefs and Advisers Discuss Common Challenges 
  • Spotlight on a Mission: SSR in Côte d’Ivoire 
  • Developing Guidance on Public Expenditure Reviews 
  • Opening of an Emergency Response Centre in Timor-Leste 
  • A Video on Defence Sector Reform 
  • Support Visit to Libya 
  • Coming Soon... 
  • About the SSR Newsletter 
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Research questions to develop CSO capacity in SSR

These are a set of questions which were used to help build CSO capacity to understand Timorese laws applicable to the security sector. 

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Mission -v- Vision

A brief description of the differences between Mission Statements and Vision Statements

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