ISSAT 2012 Annual Report

Undoubtedly the highlight and challenge of 2012 was the organisation in Nairobi of the High Level Panel (HLP) on SSR in East Africa which brought together both policy makers and practitioners from the region and beyond. This high-visibility event gave ISSAT the opportunity to contribute to SSR in Africa, and to international SSR policy development.

With a slight increase in joint mandates and continuous support to long-term projects over the years, the pace of support to advisory services follows the trends noted throughout 2011. With changing political environments in North Africa, requests from Members have entailed mandates in new contexts and regions, as illustrated by the series of missions recently conducted to reinforce UNSMIL's SSR support in Libya. 2012 also saw two requests for advisory support in Somalia, showing the necessity of SSR processes in post-transitional stabilisation environments. Mandates have also led ISSAT to work in new environments, with current and upcoming missions taking place in Latin America. Having received 23 mandates and conducted 23 missions, it has once again been an extremely demanding and challenging year for ISSAT in the field of advisory support. The complexity of missions has grown significantly over the past 12 months, and the depth and variety of expertise required to support these effectively has considerably increased. To complement the capacity of core staff, the contribution of roster personnel has proven more essential than ever before.

Trends in the field of training have also evolved significantly in 2012...


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