June 2015 Final Report of the High Level Independent Panel on United Nations Peace Operations

Mandates of recent UN peacekeeping operations have shown substantial innovation in the thinking of UN Security Council. The expansion of the scope of activities of UN missions beyond what the UN peacekeepers are accustomed to has prompted questions over the future direction of UN peacekeeping. At the June 2014 open debate of the UN Security Council on "New trends in UN peacekeeping operations", Secretary General Ban Ki-moon announced he had asked the Secretariat to initiate work on a review of UN peacekeeping. It was decided that the review would consist of two parallel but interrelated efforts on the part of the UN Secretariat and the High-Level Panel, and that attention should be given both to the peacekeeping operations and the special political missions (SPMs). 

(For more background information on the High-Level Independent Panel on UN Peace Operations, read this Policy Brief authored by Mateja Peter and published by the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs.) 

In June 2015, members of the High level panel produced a 111 page joint report, which can be downloaded here. A summary of key findings can also be found here. The latter highlights four essential shifts that are needed, and formulates a number of key recommendations, including (but not limited to) on conflict prevention, protection of civilians, use of force, women, peace and security, and integrating human rights.


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