Boulevard of Broken Dreams: The “Street” and Politics in DR Congo


This briefing paper from the International Crisis Group is based on fieldwork in Bukavu, Goma, Lubumbashi and Kinshasa and is part of a series of publications on the DRC’s broader electoral process. Demonstrations in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), turned violent on 19 September 2016, when the Independent Electoral Commission (CENI) should have launched the constitutionally-required presidential election process. The author argues that to prevent more violence, Congo’s partners need to use diplomatic and financial tools to focus the actors, particularly the majority, on the need to move rapidly to credible elections. They also need to use their leverage and public positions to minimise violence while the political blockage continues.

To access the briefing paper Boulevard of Broken Dreams: The “Street” and Politics in DR Congo kindly follow the link.


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