Building Integrity in Defence

This Parliamentary Brief provides practitioners with a concise introduction in to the main concepts, strategies, and good practices in building integrity and dealing with corruption risks in the defence establishment. It looks at:

  • Why is Corruption in Defence an Important Issue for Members of Parliaments?
  • Why is the Defence Sector Prone to Corruption?
  • What Should a Member of Parliament know about Defence Spending Categories?
  • Corruption Risks in Personnel Management
  • Corruption Risks in Operations & Maintenance
  • Corruption Risks in Defence Procurement
  • Corruption Risks in Offset Arrangements
  • Corruption Risks in Defence Conversion
  • Who has a Role in Building Integrity?
  • What are the International Norms and Best Practices in Building Integrity in Defence?
  • What Independent Resources are Available on the Defence Budgeting Process?


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