Elsie Initiative for Women in Peace Operations

This baseline study has been commissioned by Global Affairs Canada (GAC) in the framework of the Elsie Initiative for Women in Peace Operations. The Elsie Initiative aims to develop innovative measures in order to “move from slow, incremental progress to transformational change regarding women’s meaningful participation in peace operations.” The proportion of female police and military peacekeepers remains well below UN targets. Research suggests that the main reason behind the small numbers seems to be a variety of challenges and barriers to uniformed women deploying to PKOs. This baseline study compiles and analyses research published to date on the topic.

The study identifies and describes 14 barriers to the deployment of uniformed women in PKOs, which can be organized in six main categories: (1) equal access to opportunities, (2) deployment criteria, (3) the working environment, (4) family constraints, (5) equal treatment during deployment, and (6) career-advancement opportunities.

For full access to the report, Elsie Initiative for Women in Peace Operations, please follow the link. 


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