Judicial Reform in Europe - Part II. Guidelines for Effective Justice Delivery

In 2011 the European Network of Councils for the Judiciary (ENCJ) adopted the Vilnius Declaration which lists a set of recommendations for the judiciaries of Europe on how to respond to the actual challenges and opportunities they are facing due to the new economic landscape. The recommendations call for the development of long term policies that include necessary reforms of the judiciary. 

The ENCJ report on Judicial Reform which was adopted in Dublin in 2012 does not attempt to solve system problems in individual Member States, but it presents to the Member States the ENCJ view on judiciary reform and best practices in facing the challenges for the judiciary.

At the General Assembly in Dublin 2012, the Councils for the Judiciary decided to further develop the report with a second part (Part 2). This part seeks to identify more clearly the role that the Judiciary and Judicial Councils can play in the whole process.  That process embraces proposals for, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of those reforms within justice systems in order to provide justice delivery as evidenced through the Judicial Scoreboard of the European Commission.