LGBT People and Security Sector Reform in the Republic of Serbia

In 2011, Public Policy Research Center conducted a six-month project titled “Vulnerable Groups and Security Sector Reform: a Case Study of LGBT” on the relationship dynamics of LGBT people and the police / Ministry of Interior (MoI) and the Armed Forces of Serbia / Ministry of Defence (MoD). The research was based on the assumption that the security sector institutions relationship with and attitude toward members of LGBT population is one of the indicators of change in their culture i.e. a part of the process of the so-called “second generation” reforms. The research team sought to examine how non-heterosexual individuals perceive the ongoing process of reforms in the security sector institutions, especially in regard to possible improvements of their own security. The intent was also to contribute to the increase of interest in the “security community” for the issue of LGBT people’s relationship with the security sector. The ultimate goal of this project is to improve communication and cooperation between the two communities.