Matrix: Early-warning indicators of Conflict-Related Sexual Violence

This matrix was produced by UN Action as an illustrative, system-wide reference document and inventory that can be adapted and integrated into existing and emerging early warning systems and prevention mechanisms at the local, national and regional level, on a case-by-case basis. It can inform the tools used for planning, reporting, information-collection and analysis within DPKO-led Peacekeeping Missions, DPA-led Special Political Missions, UN Country Teams, or at Headquarters-level. The list of indicators is meant to enrich the overall reading of the environment by monitors and prompt an analysis of changes in the operating environment, such as in the mobility patterns of women and girls (e.g., absence from schools or market-places), in the conduct of armed groups (e.g., pillage or proximity to civilian centers), or in terms of escalated political rhetoric (e.g., ethnic/gender-based propaganda) to name a few.

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