SSR Backgrounder - National Security Policies

The SSR Backgrounders provide concise introductions to topics and concepts in good security sector governance (SSG) and security sector reform (SSR). The series summarises current debates, explains key terms and exposes central tensions based on a broad range of international experiences. The SSR Backgrounders do not promote specific models, policies or proposals for good governance or reform but do provide further resources that will allow readers to extend their knowledge on each topic. The SSR Backgrounders are a resource for security governance and reform stakeholders seeking to understand but also to critically assess current approaches to good SSG and SSR.

This SSR Backgrounder is about the role of national security policies in good security sector governance (SSG). National security policies are high-level documents that establish the overarching priorities and values that guide state security provision, management and oversight. For this reason national security policies are also necessary for effective SSR. This backgrounder explains how formulating a national security policy can contribute to good SSG.

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