Media Toolkit for Trainers (Tool 5) : Reporting Community Safety

Journalists and other members of the media often acknowledge the importance of strengthening their role in security sector governance. However, many media practitioners still face various obstacles and tend to encounter special challenges when reporting on security-related topics.

As a partial response to the challenges faced by journalists and other members of the media, the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF) has produced this toolkit for trainers. While the toolkit has been developed in the Arab region and provides practical examples from this region, it has been designed to be used by media trainers in any region of the world.

Tool 5 aims to give participants a clear understanding about media freedom in connection to security sector governance. This includes the following learning objectives:

• Understanding the role of the media in reporting issues related to community safety

• Identifying the root-causes of community safety issues

• Planning for a news report on community safety issues

• Writing a news report on an issue related to crime, crime prevention or community safety

• Applying an ethics checklist for covering community safety issues (additional activity)

For full access to Media Toolkit for Trainers (Tool 5) : Reporting Community Safety, please follow the link.