DFID Security Sector Accountability and Police Reform Programme (SSAPR) in DRC

Target Country(ies)

The five-year Security Sector Accountability and Police Reform Programme was approved in 2008 by DFID's Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State and has four programmatic areas:

  1. An external accountability component: focusing on strengthening civilian participation, oversight and control mechanisms. This includes support to parliamentary defence, security and justice commissions, civil society and academic institutions and think tanks. 
  2. An Internal Accountability Component: focusing on: (i) strengthening financial accountability, discipline and conduct through support to financial and human resource management reform initiatives to address pay and conditions of service as well as support anti-corruption measures, and; (ii) cross-cutting issues including the following broad areas: Supporting cross-government co-ordination, supporting government capacity to monitor and evaluate service delivery and, improving financial accountability.
  3. A Police Support Programme focusing on support to the national police reform process and capacity building for the Police Nationale Congolaise.
  4. A Monitoring and Evaluation Component.

Target Organisation Type(s)

Police Services

Support Mandates

Fourth Annual Review of Security Sector Accountability and Police Reform (SSAPR) programme in DRC

UK mandate in DRC 30/09/2013 - 23/02/2014

ISSAT has implemented annual reviews of the SSAPR jointly with Stabilisation Unit since 2010. This is the fourth such annual review, and will follow a similar process to previous reviews.



Specific Lessons Identified