Congo, Democratic Republic of

Congo, Democratic Republic of

Fourth Annual Review of Security Sector Accountability and Police Reform (SSAPR) programme in DRC

UK mandate in DRC 30/09/2013 - 23/02/2014

ISSAT has implemented annual reviews of the SSAPR jointly with Stabilisation Unit since 2010. This is the fourth such annual review, and will follow a similar process to previous reviews.


Support to DFID DRC Security Sector Accountablity and Police Reform Evaluation (SSAPR)

UK mandate in DRC 31/10/2010 - 09/11/2010

ISSAT has been requested by DFID to provide an external team that will review progress on an annual basis for the (SSAPR) programme and a supplementary review at the six-month point for the Police Support Programme (PSP) element. Field missions were implemented between 2010 and 2014, including two missions per annum of duration up to 3 weeks each.

ISSAT provided a team of up to five persons biennially for a duration of up to three weeks to:

  • Assess progress achieved since inception or the last review, including an assessment of the quality of progress. This assessment should be conducted against the project logframe, but also weighed against the evolving Congolese political environment and general best practice in SSR.
  • Make recommendations and identify action points regarding any major issues and problems affecting progress.
  • Assess the project’s progress during the last year against the Outputs in the logframe, (including a consideration of Assumptions and Risks), relevance, efficacy and coherence, and determine whether and what changes are required;
  • Identify priorities for the coming period based on gaps or shortfalls identified in the project and taking into account the evolving Congolese political environment.

The exact methodology for the evaluation was determined by the team in consultation with the DFID office in Kinshasa prior to the first deployment. 

The full annual review (involving up to five persons) will take place during the period of September-December of each year, starting 2010. The supplementary review (involving up to three persons) will take place during the period of March – June of each year, starting 2011. Reports will lay out key findings and recommendations for DFID, the management agents and where appropriate other stakeholders.