SSR Training on Somalia

24/07/2019 - 23/08/2019

Target Country / Organisation

Following the submission of a comprehensive proposal for DCAF’s collaboration with IGAD’s Peace and Security Division, IGAD’s Security Sector Programme (ISSP) has requested ISSAT to reinforce the capacity of their team delivering a five-day Training Workshop on Formulating/Updating the SSR and DDR strategies for Somalia. This activity is part of the implementation of IGAD’s ongoing regional Peace and Security Strategy.


The aim of this mandate (in addition to incoming requests in 2019) is to pilot the envisaged collaboration with a view to better understand IGAD’s ISSP modus operandi, and to incrementally build the partnership contributing to deliver on SDG 16 and 17.

Mandate outputs / products

At the end of the five-day workshop, the participants will have:

-        Acquired knowledge about SSR and DDR definitions, principles and concepts;

-        Learned about practical SSR and DDR experiments in the fields and best practices;

-        Improved understanding of drafting, updating and formulating SSR and DDR policy frameworks and related operational guidance notes;

-        Identified SSR and DDR challenges and gaps by the participants and the steps needed to address them;

-        Guided by the IGAD Peace and Security Strategy, UN & AU SSR policy frameworks and national policy documents, designated roadmap/teams to update, plan and coordinate SSR and DDR activities respectively.

Intended immediate outcomes of mandate

- Strengthened ability of IGAD’s team designing and delivering the training workshop (through surge capacity)

- Enhancement of institutional capacities of the relevant Somali Government officials in formulating and updating their national SSR and DDR related strategies, leveraging on strengths and opportunities to improve the rule of law.

Start date


End date



Specific Lessons Identified